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The Reunert Connect team has 19 years’ experience not only in supply chain management, procurement, installation and implementation, but also in the IT services sector as a whole.

The following sectors fall under the Reunert Connect practice, providing our clients with the skill set of a comprehensive ICT portfolio:

Financial sector

Logistics sector

Manufacturing sector

Defence Sector

The Reunert Connect success story

The Reunert Connect success story

Since its inception, Reunert Connect has focused a great deal of time on integrating an irreproachable product portfolio into its comprehensive offering to ensure that every service provided is backed by incontestable hardware and software brands. Taking the depreciation cycle of every brand and model therein into account, we have emerged with a portfolio that is able to hold its own against any alternate business model with absolute conviction.

The Reunert Connect

Service Offering

“We aren’t merely ready for cloud, we implement it.”

Security and Encryption

Security and Encryption

With having an excellent relationship with Reutech when it comes to IT services and security within the military, we are incredibly focused on the protection of our clients when it comes to: defending information from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording or the destruction thereof. Not forgetting that Cyber Security is the main concern for Reunert Connect at all times.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Our compliment is fully equipped to comprehensively manage an IT environment on behalf of other companies looking to reduce costs while continually developing with international IT trends. By providing a skill set that companies can trust, coupled with all other efficacies, Reunert Connect could be your true and best one stop IT shop.

Personal Services

Professional Services

Referring once more to the experience the Reunert Connect technical team has collectively, we are able to facilitate turnkey IT solutions from beginning to end including: the design of a comprehensive solution and all components therein, the procurement of the hardware/software required to bring the design to life and finally, the entire installation itself.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management – Design, planning, procurement, execution, control and monitoring. This refers to the management of the flow of all products procured on behalf of a client as well as the related services required by the client when it comes to deployment/installation/implementation and maintenance of said products – incorporating the services provided for by our distribution channel where required.

IT Rental Agreements

IT Rental Agreements

Reunert Connect is aware that a one-model approach when it comes to an ever evolving IT market simply will not do. Because of this we offer tailored rental agreements over and above the standard concept of capital expenditure to adapt to and fortify IT within any business.

Extensively tested hardware and software


“Being able to identify which products are better suited to the corporate market with reference to the applicable warranty as well as its quality with reference to ensuring that we maximise the life span of any products purchased to avoid any unnecessary capital expenditure when it comes to having to replace a product not originally suited to the requirement.”

Our preferred brands can be narrowed down to the following, not neglecting to consider that we are able to cater to any requirement for any product whatsoever should an exception be required. It is integral to note here that extensive due diligence has been performed with reference to strategic partners for these products over and above merely fortifying the brands themselves. Each strategic partner has been extensively tested, tried and warranted.

Moreover, we have been sure to select brands that complement the brands that we currently offer, being careful to avoid products of an inferior quality safeguarding brand sustainability. Hardware & Software: (As mentioned we are able to provide all leading brands, however, have selected the following as our preferred options).


Core Values

We act with integrity and take ownership for our actions

We promote a fair workplace for all

We treat everyone with dignity

We deliver customer satisfaction by continuously improving our status quo

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